Harmonic Audio Labs is a Greek manufacturer headed up by Kostantinos Kourkounis with just one product in their range for the moment – the SE-100 Integrated Class A amplifier.

Harmonic Audio Labs SE-100 is a no compromise, single ended amplifier delivering 50 Watts per channel using parallel mosfets.

The pre amplifier section of the SE-100 uses Jfets and the coupling is achieved using interstage trafos.

There are 4 inputs (3 RCA and 1 XLR) and the amp can also run as a power amplifier where the preamplifier section is completely isolated.

Separate PSUs are used in every single stage of the amplifier giving a total of 16 PSUs in the chassis with twelve of them being regulated. The unregulated power supplies are left with only capacitors and chokes as the designers feel this gave the best sonic results.

Hifi Pig will review the SE-100 in the very near future.

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