Despite the title of the press release reminding me of a particular Not the Nine o’Colock news sketch, this new turntable really caught Hifi Pig’s eye. The beast in question is from Hartvig Audio and they have launched “a new high-end gramophone”  handcrafted in Denmark and which will get its will get its first outing at the High End show in May at Munich 2012.  Hartvig say the new turntable will bring “recorded music alive – it is pure sound with soul.”

After many years of passion for hi-fi, Danish Soeren Hartvig set his heart on building a first quality turntable. “I dreamed about a turntable which would bring recorded music alive in my own living room.”

The Hartvig TT Signature claims to ensure an “incredible reproduction of sound and distinguishes itself from the digital media as the analog sound is both smooth and reproduces the music down to the last detail.”

Soeren Hartvig had a clear vision of the turntable and began the development of his first quality product and at first glance it does look to be a thing of beauty. “I wanted to build a beautiful turntable – timeless and pure styled in its design.”

After three years testing all kinds of materials in various constructions and after having spent countless hours listening to the quality of the sound, the Hartvig TT Signature was finally born.

To optimize the sound even further, Soeren Hartvig also developed a battery supply for the turntable. “Playing by means of a battery perfects the reproduction of the sound of the instruments and the vocal and creates a pitch-black background.”

You can meet Soeren Hartvig and experience the Hartvig TT Signature live at the High End show in Munich (2012, may 3rd to 6th) in room F120.

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