Headphones are gaining significance and are popular among all age groups. A continual, and remarkable, growth has been recorded in this segment since 2008. Headphones have meanwhile become a million-dollar market and there is no end to the boom in sight.headphones_at_high_end_munich_news2

Around 259 million pairs of headphones were sold in 2010. This figure is currently projected to have reached 290 million in 2015 (source:  GfK).

These are many reasons to listen to music using headphones. Some love the direct sound and want to listen to music loudly without being disturbed, and without annoying their immediate neighbours or partners. Others use headphones as an acoustic shield from the outside world. They are not just used for blaring music, but also for  silence.

Dramatic progress has been made in headphone development in the last few years. High- quality models are used to suppress ambient noise, and allow music to be enjoyed free from disturbances. Active noise cancelling by headphones makes it possible to relax and enjoy music despite surrounding noises.

While they used to be considered an accessory for the HiFi system in the living room, they can now be seen everywhere in the street. The range of different headphones has become so large that the layman quickly loses the overview.headphones_at_high_end_munich_news

Criteria such as audio quality and comfort help to make a decision. However, good headphones should not only have the best technical features, but also feature an appealing visual and ergonomic design.

The range of products has now become more than extensive. The trend to headphones that impress with outstanding audio quality and that make listening to music a pleasure has increased in significance in the last few years. Along with customers’ expectations, the price has also increased. This is why sophisticated products for discerning audio consumption are in increasing demand today. Models selling for far more than €1,000 are no longer a rarity.

Visitors attending the HIGH END have the opportunity to compare different headphone models directly in Hall 2, stand F10. Around 30 pairs of headphones in total, in different price classes, with uniformly high quality headphone amplifiers, will be available at all listening stations. The music selected will be identical, without any data reduction or compressed music files, and be from different genres, to give the listener the opportunity to make a direct comparison. The music will be controlled using iPads that are easy and intuitive to use.

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