Zesto Audio will be exhibiting at the Hi Fi Deluxe Show in the Munich Marriott Hotel. The show runs alongside the High End Munich show, with free transport between the MOC and the Marriott. Zesto will be showing their valve electronics with Joseph Speakers, Cardas Cables, Brinkmann Turntables and Audiophilar Racks in Exhibit room 218, 12:00h to 20:00h Thursday, Friday & Saturday May 5th, 6th & 7th, 2016. Admission to the Deluxe show is free.

On the subject of valve amplification, George Counnas, President of Zesto Audio says “Vacuum tubes faithfully bring warmth and harmonic tonality like nothing else can. As a young man in England, I designed vacuum tube circuits. I worked for DECCA Navigator — at the time Britain’s largest electronics company — as part of a research and development team designing airborne navigational systems for the Royal Air Force. So I have many years of experience designing, creating and bringing to market high-end electronic equipment. The difference here is that no one’s life is at stake”.

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