roksponsmallPure Sound, in their recent press release, say they are pleased to announce the UK arrival of HECO Elementa, a new range of loudspeakers offering “good sensitivity and excellent  reproduction of tone and dynamics and that they do partner very well with both valve and transistor based electronics”.

The Elementa range comprises a floor standing model (700) a stand mount (300) a centre channel (Center 30) and an active Sub woofer (3830A) They are available in Satin White or Black finishes.elementa00whiteonline


Elementa makes use of a 28mm silk compound dome with ferrofluid damping to enhance power handling, a powerful double magnet and an aluminium face plate formed as a wave guide to optimise coupling to the air around it.

The woofer and mid driver use light, woven, long fibre, paper diaphragms mounted in long throw surrounds. They also both use a solid aluminium die cast chassis with a diamond polished finish.


Machined from MDF & featuring extensive bracing they also have rounded edges to minimise unwanted diffraction effects. Cloth grilles are attached using a system of magnets. All models are reflex loaded & use ports that are attached to the enclosures with screws. They are supplied with both rubber feet and metal screw in feet to best match the user’s floor surface.


Elaborate phase & amplitude optimised design incorporating very high quality components.

Tweeter level is adjustable between Flat & +2dB to allow optimal set up in AV systems.

Substantial gold plated terminals and the provision for Bi-amping on 700.

UK Retail Prices:

Elementa 700   £1899.95

Elementa 300   £699.95

Elementa Centre   £379.95

Elementa Sub   £1049.95


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