New from Heed Audio, the thesis range of electronics makes its UK demonstration debut at the Bristol Show. A four strong line up of aesthetically minimalist alpha_frontproducts, thesis continues the Heed tradition of “leaving the technical conformity behind and concentrating on the reproduction of music, to stir the emotions of listeners who are more interested in the performance than the specifications”.

The new thesis preamplifier, power supply, phono preamp and power amplifiers have been designed to be the superclass of Heed products.

Thesis, for all its unconventional design, is no bare-bones purist creation in a home made box says the company’s press release.

The range is centred around the thesis α (alpha) preamplifier (pictured), which features two analogue and four digital inputs including S/PDIF, TOSLINK, BNC and USB. Building on the Heed DAC and USB 2.0 Audio modules used in the company’s Obelisk DA digital to analogue converter, the digital section is modular in design to allow future upgrades. The twin capacitor-coupled output stage allows the use of long interconnect cables for connection to two sets of power amplifiers.

The thesis φ (phi) is a phono preamplifier for use with turntables requiring very low noise characteristics, huge dynamic range, plenty of headroom and an extremely smooth frequency response. The thesis φ is a twin circuit design, independently catering for both MM and MC cartridges. Two turntables may be connected simultaneously and cartridge matching is highly user customisable for gain and impedance.

The twin power supply thesis π (pi) can feed the thesis α preamp and thesis φ phono stage simultaneously. Independent sections, each with dual regulated power supply rails and high-grade components, custom made by Airlink and Mundorf to Heed’s specifications, “ensure an absolutely clean and stable power delivery. Massively over-specified for the purpose, the thesis π provides a smooth and effortless performance even when pushed to its limits”.

The muscle of this outfit comes from the thesis ω (omega) monobloc power amplifier. This is an AC-coupled device that drives loudspeakers in a similar way to valve power amplifiers. Although its topology is similar in some ways to a valve design, the thesis ω is firmly solid state. AC coupling is used in preference to the more common DC coupling to produce a much “more natural and less “cropped” decay of tones within the music”. The over-sized power supply delivers a totally silent operation and up to 160W continuous power or capability of driving loads down to 1.6 ohms.

Thesis will be on demonstration in room 322 at the Bristol Marriott, 20-22 February

UK Manufacturer’s Suggested Selling Prices

thesis α (alpha) preamplifier £2650
thesis π (pi) power supply unit £1500
thesis φ (phi) phono preamplifier £1600
thesis ω (omega) monobloc power amplifier £2100



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