HELM’s new THX and MQA Certified BOLT DAC/AMP adapter, extends its family of studio-quality portable audio DACs and AMPs for smartphones and mobile devices

HELM Audio Ltd., a globally distributed British-American audio innovation company, has announced the launch of the next in its line-up of THX Certified products, the HELM BOLT DAC/AMP mobile USB digital analogue converter, which supports MQA technology.

HELM Launches Portable BOLT DAC/Amp USB Adapter With THX And MQA Certifications

THX Certification

The BOLT DAC/AMP is aimed at elevating sound quality for portable devices and proudly carries the coveted THX Certification for device performance. The BOLT DAC/AMP was premiered during CES 2020 in Las Vegas, where HELM Audio was awarded four CES Innovation Honoree Awards – including one award for the BOLT DAC/AMP.


HELM Audio, known for combining new technologies to drive innovation in audio hardware, is setting now providing studio-level quality to our mobile world. The BOLT DAC/AMP comes in a small palm-sized form factor but delivers massive results including MQA support and other high res audio file decoding. The BOLT DAC/AMP adapter supports an unprecedented range of existing high res audio formats and devices, including MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), a British technology which captures and authenticates studio quality sound. The BOLT DAC/AMP has passed many rigorous THX Certification audio quality tests ensuring a flat frequency response, low distortion, low noise and a stable, high output suitable for a wide range of headphones.

HELM Portable BOLT DAC/Amp USB Adapter

The BOLT DAC/AMP adapter outputs at 88.2 kHz or 96 kHz resolutions, and for non-MQA content, the BOLT DAC/AMP still provides the highest resolution available for mobile and gaming applications. The BOLT DAC/AMP is designed to be plug-and-play with no firmware to download and is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux, whilst also providing bit-perfect playback using USB Player Pro, HF Onkyo Player, Audirvana Plus, and more.


$99, £75.43 or €84.29

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