Artizan Audio had a whole load of stuff in their room. The new Cor amp from PMC is an interesting product we’ve spoke about before and recently interviewed the folks behind the amp. It’s interesting not least because it brings back tone controls to high-End amps.

There were a couple of Swiss debuts in this room, the first being the Music First Audio monoblock amplifiers (The blue amps on the bottom of the rack). Hifi PIg has these amps in for review and we’ll give you a full run down on them in due course. Also making a debut from Music First was the company’s first MM and MC phonostage, the 632.

The SME Model 10 – Swiss Edition Turntable in white with red 309 arm was on static display but there was the Model 30/2 with the SME Series V tonearm and a van den Hul Crimson XGA cartridge playing through PMC speakers.

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