Since working in the Hifi Industry something has struck me, it really is a tight knit community of both people who work in the industry and customers and fans alike. In fact it is more like a family and, like a family, when someone needs help I have seen this community pull together with a warmth and generosity second to none.

We had this cause brought to or attention yesterday. Many of you will have met Julian Ashley through work or at Hifi Shows…he has been a part of the Hifi industry since the 80’s.

Not only is Julian facing many painful and difficult complications as a survivor of pancreatic cancer, he is also in a desperate financial situation and, to add further distress, his fiance and long term carer, Gleide, is being threatened with deportation back to Brazil. Gleide is forbidden to claim public funds, not even a carers allowance.

Julian’s friend, Sean Griffin is raising money through Crowdfunding site, Just Giving, to raise £2400 to keep Gleide in the country with Julian.

The £2,400 is to pay the required ‘immigration health surcharge’ fee and the government’s ‘permission to remain’ application fee. Without the money for the fees, Gleide will be escorted to the detention centre near Heathrow and be locked up until a suitable plane is available to fly her to Brazil and dump her 1400 Km from her family’s home. If Gleide is deported, Julian will be left without local authority support, he was taken off palliative care and all the other associated support he’d been receiving, after surviving for three years and not dying as all the doctors predicted.

Please click through to the Just Giving page, read the full story and, if you can, make a donation or share the page on your social media, every little bit helps.


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