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GIK Acoustics Impression Pro Series

Ideal for creating an even balance of low end absorption without losing high frequency presence, the Impression Pro Series features beautifully decorative, semi-reflective rigid plates attached to absorptive acoustic panels. The rigid plate not only gives the panel a stylish appearance but also helps reflect/scatter high frequency content in your room giving the proper balance needed. Comes in 3 shapes, 50-100-150mm thickness choices, in 9 standard fabrics with 12 eye-catching designs and 5 beautiful finishes available.

GIK Acoustics Gotham N23 Quadratic Diffusor

The striking look of the Gotham N23 5″ Quadratic Diffusor brings with it unparalleled performance: turning damaging reflections into a sonically pleasing diffused sound field, while controlling yet retaining higher frequencies, with true, even diffusion from 1250hz to 9500hz with scattering effects down to 650hz. Wall mounted, the beautifully complex pattern of the Gotham Diffusor will leave anyone in awe.

GIK Acoustics Tri-Trap Bass Traps

The Tri-Trap is one of our most effective and popular bass traps and takes up far less floor space than a traditional panel straddling a corner. Artfully constructed with a solid core of absorption material, the Tri-Trap is a freestanding triangular prism in a sharp design that is stackable for floor-to-ceiling coverage. Add a range limiter to increase bass response or a scatter plate to reflect higher frequencies back into the room.

GIK Acoustics Acoustic Art Panels

Reduce noise in style. Our Acoustic Art Panels absorb sound as decorative hanging wall art panels, making them the perfect option for acoustically treating restaurants and public spaces where aesthetics and speech clarity matter. There are endless images you can upload or choose from, edit, and proof instantly with our online tool. Available in 5 thicknesses for more bass control, 15 shapes.

GIK Acoustics DecoShapes Hexagon Acoustic Panels

The slim, 5.08cm thick GIK Acoustics Hexagon Acoustic Panel is an excellent option for critical listening environments for controlling ambient noise. Our sound-absorbing hexagon-shaped panels are designed to solve a variety of issues: mainly to control noise, eliminate slap echo and control comb filtering in a room.

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