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Neat Acoustics iOTA Alpha

A mere 45cm high, the 2.5 way Alpha nevertheless produces a tall and wide soundstage from a near-invisible cabinet. The planar tweeter reproduces exceptional high frequencies, whilst the bottom of the cabinet contains an extra unit that acts as an internal subwoofer for a surprising bass performance.

Neat Acoustics iOTA Xlporer

The uniquely styled Xplorer is the quintessential embodiment of Neat’s philosophy of “thinking inside the box”. The angled baffle houses Neat’s dedicated bass-mid unit with a stunning Air Motion Transformer tweeter, whilst the tuned lower section contains two of Neat’s bass-only units in an isobaric configuration. In common with the other Iota models, the Xplorer projects far beyond its compact dimensions.

Neat Acoustics Ministra

A small giant, the stand-mount Ministra is packed with the same distinctive features as its bigger brothers: Isobaric bass, ribbon tweeter and a separate sub-baffle for the drive units combine to recreate a spacious and engaging performance.

Neat Acoustics Ekstra

Tall, slim and elegant, the Ekstra is a 2.5 way elegant,room-friendly design. The true-ribbon tweeter is clear, smooth and detailed and the isobaric bass section underpins the music with articulate and dynamic low frequencies. As HiFi Plus magazine said, “The Ekstra will melt your heart”

Neat Acoustics Orkestra (NEW!)

Designed for larger rooms, the new Orkestra takes its design cue from the Ekstra and beefs it up with 6″ drive units and a ribbon tweeter with increased diameter. Capable of genuine high-end performance, the Orkestra is a stunning addition to the range.

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