Hifi Pig becomes the latest media member of The Clarity Alliance.

The Clarity Alliance, the UK hi-fi industry’s trade body, is pleased to announce that Hifi Pig, the rapidly growing online hi-fi magazine, is the latest member of the media to join the Alliance. The membership of Hifi Pig clarityfurther strengthens the communications abilities of Clarity as it works to spread the word about quality hi-fi and home entertainment to consumers.

Founded by longtime hi-fi and music enthusiast Stuart Smith, Hifi Pig is fast becoming a very popular destination for hi-fi fans across the UK and further afield. Based in north west France, Stuart and his wife, Linette Smith, run the magazine with a number of freelance reviewers who are all hi-fi enthusiasts and audiophiles with a great deal of experience across all branches of the industry.

Hifi Pig’s ethos has always been to be inclusive and, whilst its writing is often focused on “high-end” audio, the magazine is keen to engage with lovers of music who do not have vast sums to spend on equipment. An approach which is reflected in the breadth of news coverage and reviews and is in keeping with Clarity’s mission to make hi-fi exciting and available to all consumers.

Laurence Armstrong, chairman of Clarity, commenting on the membership of Hifi Pig says, “The media is hugely important to the ongoing development of The Clarity Alliance and the UK hi-fi sector through its role as the supportive voice of the industry. By working closely with all the media outlets we are able to collectively get our message out to the people we need to be hearing it.” He continues, “I am very pleased to welcome Hifi Pig into the Alliance as one of the new breed of dynamic media organisations routed in the very heart of our industry and look forward to working with Stuart and Linette for mutual advantage.”

Stuart Smith, owner and editor of Hifi Pig adds, “Hifi Pig is delighted to have been asked to take up membership of Clarity and we look forward to working closely with the Alliance in the coming months and years. Hifi Pig is only three years old, but it is clear that we have been recognised as a fresh and enthusiastic voice in the hifi world and our invitation to join Clarity further endorses this.”


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