Catch up on all the Hifi News and Hifi Reviews that we covered in the first month of 2018…

SA Lab Lilt Range Of Amplifiers

Metaxas & Sins GQT Portable Recording Device No.1

Pioneer XDP- 30R And Onkyo DP-S1 DAPs Get USB-OTG

Sound Carrier 807 Integrated Amplifier Released

Sennheiser New Products Launch At CES 2018

Avantgarde Acoustic Room Selector

Auralic Introduce Spotify Connect

New Technics Turntables At CES 2018

Voxtok And Elipson Bring Vinyl To Your TV

Audeze iSine LX, $199 Planar IEMs

Chord Electronics Launch Qutest DAC At CES 2018

Nordost Launch Red Dawn USB Cable

Amare Musica Diamond Firefly Loudspeakers

New Tellurium Q Statement Level Cable Range

A Look Inside The Gold Note IS-1000 ‘Super Integrated Amplifier’

Elipson Includes Google Chromecast Audio With New Wireless Facet Speakers

KEF Release Q50a Dolby Atmos Enabled Surround Speaker

Transcriptors Turntables Cease Production

Bryston Unveils Flagship Active Loudspeaker Systems

Elite Audio Supply Burson Audio Exclusively In The UK & Ireland

Audio Analogue AAcento Integrated Amplifier, First Of New ‘PureAA’ Line

Longdog Audio PH1 Moving Magnet Phono Stage

New Generation PIEGA Premium Series Loudspeakers

Black Rhodium Symphony 18 Announced

2018 Is Ortofon’s Centenary Year

Exposure Add HP Headphone Amplifier To XM Series

Cyrus Announces ONElinear Loudspeaker System 

Munich High-End 2018 Latest News and CanJam Partnership

ATC Launches CDA2 MK2 CD/DAC Preamp

Monitor Audio Launches New Monitor Series Loudspeakers

James Loudspeaker Unveils 2.1 Format LR-S Sound Bars 

Bowers & Wilkins In-Car System For McLaren Senna Hypercar

Western Electric 300B Valves Back In Production This Year!

KEF Launch Black Edition LS50

Ortofon Concorde MK II Cartridges Launched

Leema Hydra Anniversary Now Available

Gamut Joins Raidho And Scansonic  As Part Of Dantax

AXPONA Announce 2018 Show

Gryphon Audio Designs Sonett Phonostage Released

Kii Three Loudspeaker System launched

High End Audio Manufacturers Join Forces At AXPONA 2018

Manger Audio Release Linn Exakt Filter Designs For Passive Loudspeaker Models

Leading Rock Star Chooses Parasound

Aurender Joins Ravenna Community

And the hifi reviews:

ATC HDA-DP20 Digital Audio Player

AVID Hifi Reference Four Loudspeakers

Linn Klimax DS (KATALYST) – Dedicated Streamer

Musical Fidelity M6 Encore Connect Multi Format Audio Streamer


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