In our continued expansion program, Hifi Pig and the management team is delighted to announce that we are expanding into our own range of High-End audio products with a new brand and a new logo.

The first of these products will be a unique and ground-breaking pre-amplifier that will use some of the technology we have developed in our DIY projects, which you may have read about previously. The pre-amplifier will be named the MARS 32 after the exclusive 32-step ‘logarithmic ladder used in the volume control and the Machine Aided Resistive Series topography employed therein.

We have been working hard behind the scenes in the last 18 months and have already secured distributor deals in several key markets. In Vietnam the well-known and independent high-end distributor Ngày Cá tháng Tư will take care of business whilst in Romania Ziua Pacalelilor is promoting the product. Other markets are secured including UAE and US/Canada and we will release details as soon as the ink dries on the necessary paperwork.

Other products in the pipeline will include a dedicated valve power amplifier based on the renowned Audio Stoat DIY concept and design that was so very well received and reviewed by the UK press – you can read the full review here.

The new and lavishly finished amp will employ a brand-new valve in the form of the A41F1 tube, specially designed and built for us in Prague. The power amplifier will produce a healthy 30 watts per channel in the single-ended version and 60 Watts in the parallel single ended version – easily enough to drive most modern speakers with ease.

Only the very best and carefully selected components will be used throughout. More details to be released in the coming days.

The newly formed brand will fall under the Hifi Pig banner and is focusing purely on the high-end market. It will have an ‘origami’ fish as its logo that will be created from specially made materials in Japan before being placed on the backplate of each of our handcrafted units.

The new company name will be Hamstrad.

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