Well, given their unusual looks and less than conventional way about producing music the Leedh E2 loudspeakers leed1bwwere always going to divide opinion. However the proof of the pudding is in the…er listening so we got hold of a pair and put them through their paces.

“The Leedh E2 loudspeaker from Laboratoire Etudes et Developpements Holophoniques is a very interesting design indeed and quite unlike any loudspeaker I’ve come across. However, let’s step back a while and explain how we first encountered this speaker. A couple of years ago we were at one of the Paris hi-fi shows and we’d seen them in one of the rooms, thought they were quite interesting but really thought no more about them thereafter. Fast forward to the Paris shows of September and November and several of the manufacturers were using them in their rooms and they were making a really great sound. I introduced myself to Gilles Milot, the guy behind the speakers and a review was arranged”

Read the full review of the LEEDH E2 loudspeakers


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