The Brunoco Diva is a small and inexpensive digital amplifier/DAC from Canada that hifi Pig Brunoco1thought looked very interesting indeed and so when one was offered for review we thought we’d jump at the opportunity.

“There is an equaliser built into the device – not the usual rock, dance, acoustic type, it’s way more subtle than that, the settings have a couple of letters and a number (ie BaMd2) to refer to them, each setting is like a slightly different version of the previous. The goal is to use these settings as more of a digital room equalisation than the typical graphic equaliser found in cheaper products. Playing through these differing settings I found one or two which I preferred, notably for their smoother roll off of the bottom end allowing notes to fade more naturally in my listening space, which even though subtle was a very welcome addition. The EQ really does seem to be very transparent indeed, has been implemented very well and doesn’t seem to get in the way.”

Read the full review of the Brunoco Diva Integrated Digital Amplifier by Danny Worth.


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