Jerry is a fan of omnidirectional loudspeakers and owns a pair of MBL 116F speakers so we were interested to what GP_2_4he would make of the German Physiks Unlimited Mk2 Loudspeakers.

“The unusual “clever bit” about German Physiks speakers – their USP, the unique selling point, if you will – is an almost-full-range driver, called the DDD (standing for Dicks’ Dipole Driver, after Peter Dicks the inventor).  It covers from over 20KHz down to about 200Hz, and (usually*) conventional cone drivers take over from there for the bass region.  The DDD driver remains the same throughout the German Physiks range, the size and sophistication of the bass enclosure is the major difference as you increase the price.  With the higher end speakers, multiple DDD drivers are sometimes used, and the crossover necessarily becomes more sophisticated, as well.”

Read the full review of the German Physiks Unlimited Mk2 Loudspeakers and all our other hifi reviews.


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