The KEF X300A Loudspeakers are have an on board amplifier and DAC and are designed primarily KEFX300A_FIfor use on a desktop – simply plug them into the mains, attach them to the computer via a USB cable and away you go. We’d heard the speakers briefly at Munich and so were delighted when KEF contacted us with a view to reviewing them.

In this review both Stuart Smith and teen son Harry take a listen to the KEF X300A loudspeakers and comment on how they worked with respect to their own very different needs.

“Essentially what you have here is a nearfield monitor that has been designed specifically for the home market. I had a play with Ableton Live mixing some of my own tunes and they’re really rather good in that role and I suppose a good few people will use them as both desk top monitors for music making and for listening to tunes in a more conventional sense. It’s a long time since I’ve listened to professional monitors if truth be known and so I can’t really compare on this front to what’s available today…and besides I don’t think this is where KEF sees its market for these loudspeakers being.”

Read the full review of the KEF X300A Loudspeakers.


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