Skogrand are a Norwegian company that manufacture speaker cables and interconnects from their SC_Centaurus_A_300headquarters near the town of Lillehammer. Danny Worth got to grips with the company’s Centaurus A speaker cables and interconnects.

Knut, the owner of the company said this by way of introduction “I am originally – and at the core of my being – a musician. Working as a musician for decades I have performed within many settings live, in studios and at rehearsals, always feeling a kind of urgent lack of silence. Growing up in the peaceful countryside and living in the serene mountain hills of Norway I have grown accustomed to filtering sound through a mesh of tranquility and sonorous peace – having sounds around me standing out as meticulously shaped entities from a perfectly silent background. This is something I have strived to reconstruct in my musical thinking and performance”

Read the full review of the Skogrand SC and SCI Centaurus A Speaker Cables and Interconnects


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