A couple of hundred or so photographs from this years Hifi Show at Windsor. Thanks to Boban Djurdjevic for the pics.

dsc_0001-copy dsc_0002-copy dsc_0003-copy dsc_0004-copy dsc_0005-copy dsc_0006-copy dsc_0007-copy dsc_0009-copy dsc_0010-copy dsc_0011-copy dsc_0012-copy dsc_0013-copy dsc_0020-copy dsc_0022-copy dsc_0025-copy dsc_0026-copy dsc_0027-copy dsc_0028-copy dsc_0029-copy dsc_0030-copy dsc_0031-copy dsc_0032-copy dsc_0033-copy dsc_0056-copy dsc_0059-copy dsc_0060-copy dsc_0062-copy dsc_0063-copy dsc_0064-copy

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