The HE-R10D is the company’s first closed-back dynamic driver headphone and the HIFIMAN HE-R10P is their reference closed-back planar magnetic headphone, their first in 15 years.

HIFIMAN’s new HE-R10P and HE-R10D Headphones


The HE-R10P features large earcups made of cherry wood that provide the necessary breathing room with substantial spatial volume and output that reflects the best of both closed and open-back designs. Each cup is adorned with a CNC carving and features aviation-grade aluminium.

“We invested significant time and resources into developing HIFIMAN closed-back headphone with a shell made of solid wood,” observed Dr Fang Bian, Founder, and CEO, HIFIMAN Electronics. “The HE-R10P is designed for luxury inside and out. “From the lavish headband to lightweight and comfortable earcups, it represents the pinnacle of modern closed-back headphones at a price that belies its remarkable sonics.”

HIFIMAN HE-R10P Closed Back Planar Headphones cost just under $5,500

The components comprising the HE-R10P represent the best of HIFIMAN’s planar magnetic design expertise the diaphragm is nano scale thickness. The exterior of the HE-R10P is made of all-natural lambskin surrounding high-grade memory foam for maximum comfort and elasticity. The headband skeleton is constructed of solid steel.

Adding to the overall fit of the headphone are HIFIMAN’s “Tranquillity” earpads, featuring high-quality suede on the outside, with a ring-shaped inner surface to absorb sound and prevent leakage, thereby focusing the sound on the listener’s ear. The contact edge is constructed of highly permeable material further to ensure comfort for hours-long listening sessions.

The cable, too, represents a new design. A single-crystal, silver-plated structure is highlighted by a high strand count and other elements to guarantee low signal loss and strength to withstand hours of daily use. Also, the TRSS plug/socket solution allows for a direct balanced input routed to the appropriate drivers.

For compatibility with the highest range of sources, the HE-R10P includes three cables: 3.5mm, 6.5mm, and balanced XLR.


The HE-R10P closed back planar magnetic headphone has a suggested retail price of $5,499


HIFIMAN’s HE-R10D applies nano scale particles to an upscaled Topology driver technology. “Topology Diaphragm is a technology originally designed for our in-ear monitors,” says Dr Fang Bian, “By applying nano scale particles to the diaphragm in a variety of patterns and layers, a high-level optimization occurs, having a positive effect on the audio characteristics. Even the most casual listeners recognize and appreciate the immense improvement over standard designs.”

The HE-R10D is the first over-ear headphone to take advantage of Topology Diaphragm technology, marking its debut application on a large-scale driver.

HIFIMAN HE-R10D Dynamic Driver Closed Back headphones cost just under $1,500

The HE-R10D features large earcups made of pinewood, features aviation-grade aluminium, all-natural suede exterior, high-grade memory foam, solid steel he headband skeleton and  HIFIMAN’s “Tranquillity” earpads. It also features the new cable design as above and three are included.


Suggested retail price of $1,499

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