As well as the many music demonstrations put on by exhibitors and the fascinating workshops and presentations every LSday of the HIGH END 2015, there will also be a wide and varied range of live musical performances.. Visitors can look forward to a diverse repertoire of contemporary, classical and traditional music. There’ts something for everyone.

In keeping with tradition, at the start of the fair on Thursday, 14 May 2015, from 9.30 a.m. onwards, visitors will be welcomed with traditional Bavarian music at the entrance to the MOC, courtesy of the clarinet sextet Klarischnättra.

Two bands will be moving among the crowds completely unplugged and without any stage or music stands, providing laid-back musical entertainment. Right among the throng, these wandering performers will be livening things up and entertaining the visitors with their catchy enthusiasm.

The two acts, the Klarischnättra clarinet sextet and the Tilmann Schneider Swing Terzett,  will be taking turns on different days throughout the exhibition area on every day of the fair from noon to 5 p.m.

Klarischnättra clarinet sextet

Playing on:

14 May from 9.30 to noon – at the entrance in front of Hall 4.

14 May and 17 May from noon to 5 p.m. – throughout the exhibition area.

Klarischnättra are a clarinet sextet from the Binswangen musical society who play classical, traditional and contemporary compositions which give an insight into the breadth of their repertoire. Enthusiasm and versatility in traditional and modern woodwind music are the hallmarks of the ensemble. The clarinet plays a prominent role in jazz and popular music. Musicians call it the violin among the wind instruments. The group expertly demonstrate the suspense and harmony that six clarinets can generate together. The audience can hear for themselves the scope of music which six clarinettists can play. Klarischnättra present a colourful mixture of contemporary, classical and traditional music.

The Tilmann Schneider Swing Terzett

Playing on: 15 May and 16 May from noon to 5 p.m. – throughout the exhibition area

Three cheerful chaps travelling by sea, over land and in the skies – always immaculately dressed, with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.

With an accordion, a double bass, a guitar and three charming baritone voices, they instantly spread happiness and capture the hearts of their audience.

The Tilmann Schneider Swing Terzett present a bold mix of humorous German swing clas- sics, romantic ballads, chansons and light-hearted love songs in both major and minor keys. A lively, entertaining time is guaranteed. The trio take you back to the 50s with wonderfully light, bouncy pop music with German lyrics, covering everything from jazz to chansons and swing to rockabilly.


The  HIGH  END  SOCIETY  and  Clearaudio  Electronic  GmbH  present: United  Blues  Experience  –  traditional,  earthy  blues  with  a  Bavarian  soul

Playing on: 16 May at 2.30 p.m., Hall 3, technology stage

“An explosion of blues and passion” is how the Stuttgarter Zeitung described a concert by this trio. The outstanding guitarist and singer Wolfgang Bernreuther, his long-standing

partner Rudi Bayer on double bass, and the world-class harmonica player and singer Beata Kossowska, are a tight and harmonious musical unit.

Live concerts by UNITED BLUES EXPERIENCE thrive on the magical and emotional moments which arise when the interplay is more than just the sum of the three instruments and two vocalists. Bernreuther, Bayer and Kossowska have found their own niche in the genre of blues and folk. Some say that white people can’t feel the blues, but this trio show that they are deeply rooted in the blues, both musically and emotionally. “The musical harmony of the three-piece, with the harmonica always prominent as a solo instrument, creates a feel- ing of wide open spaces. Their honest, hand-crafted music underscores their nature, and leaves no doubt about their authenticity and originality.”

Purist Audio Design presents: Jazz singer Lyn Stanley

Performance times:

14-17 May, every day at noon and 4 p.m. in Room F226 (Atrium 4, 2nd floor)

The jazz musician Lyn Stanley is an exceptional singer with a full, rich voice, especially in the low register, and very distinctive phrasing.

Lyn Stanley’s unique voice has been praised as “lush” and “rich in low tones”. Her background as a ballroom dancer gives her a particularly physical feeling for music that only  a few jazz artists are blessed with. The Los Angeles jazz radio presenter Bubba Jackson said “She’s brought the songstress back to jazz” ”.

Lyn Stanley’s latest album “Potions” was recorded on analogue tapes, just like records from the 1950s. “Potions [from the 50s]” is brimming with jewels from jazz and pop song- writers of the era.

Stanley captivates her audience with toe-tapping swing numbers, as well as tender, very personally interpreted ballads in a show style reminiscent of the fifties.

For her performances at the HIGH END 2015, Lyn Stanley will be using products from the exhibitor Purist Audio Design.


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