It has been one very busy week for High End Munich 2017 news, Hifi Pig will keep you up to date with everything hifi and audiophile that is happening in the run up to the High End Munich show next week….here’s what has happened in the last 24 hrs, in case you blinked and missed it! News from Mytek, SOtM, Chord Electronics, The Funk Firm and Convert to name just a few…..

SAE’s 2 Horsepower 2HP-D Amplifier At High End Munich

Mytek Clef At High End

SOtM Unveil sMS-200ultra Mini Music Server At High End Munich

Chord Electronics At Munich High End 2017

Great British Brands At Munich – The Funk Firm

JoSound Returns To High End

Electron Research Debuts At Munich

Apertura Audio To Unveil New Flagship Loudspeaker At High End

Stenheim To Premiere Reference Ultime Passive At High End

New Apps And More From Convert At High End

Merging Technologies High End News

Keep an eye on our High End Munich section for all the latest from this year’s show, plus coverage of High End Munich from previous years….just click here!





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