All roads lead to Munich this week with just about everyone involved in Hifi setting off on their travels to get to Bavaria and High End Munich 2017. There is plenty of news flying about in the run up to the High End Show, so here’s the latest roundup, with news from The Chord Company, Aequo Audio, Auralic, Ortofon and many more…plus our Great British Brands At Munich 2017 Advertising Promotion.

Great British Brands At Munich – The Chord Company

Lundahl Transformers At High End Munich

Great British Brands At Munich Free E Magazine

Auralic Launch G2 Series At High End Munich

VAC At High End 2017

Weiss To Launch Livebox Speaker At High End

The Chord Company Pop Their Munich High End Cherry

432 Evo Introduces 432 Evo Master At High End Munich 2017

Zanden Joins High End Munich 2017

Ground Control from CAD Just Got Bigger

Ortofon To Introduce MC Windfield Titanium At High End

O2A Cables  High End Munich  2017

Aequo Audio Announces Two New Speaker Models

Aqua – Acoustic Quality At Munich High End 2017


And don’t forget that you can read reports from previous shows in our High End Munich section!





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