High Fidelity Partners Co., LTD., a Japanese corporation, has acquired the intellectual property for the products produced under the brand “Black Cat Cable”, as well as the brand itself, from The Signal Collection, LLC, a U.S.-based corporation located in Cumming, GA.speakercable_a1131ecd-3f55-4cc9-9e91-cb2b87030578_large
“This is mostly a formality pertaining to our physical move from Atlanta, GA to Yugawara, Japan which occurred last April,” said Chris Sommovigo, managing partner at The Signal Collection, LLC and co-owner of High Fidelity Partners, Co. LTD.
“We have been producing the actual goods here since September as a subcontractor for The Signal Collection, erstwhile owner of the IP in question. Now we have made the transition complete by formally acquiring all of the the IP related to the production of Black Cat Cable products.”
Although this acquisition means that Black Cat Cable is now officially a Japanese brand, due to currency market volatility it will continue to sell its exports in USD. “USD is still recognized as a baseline reference currency throughout the world, and so our exports will remain under their USD values,” said Mr. Sommovigo.
Within the purview of High Fidelity Partners various new products are under development, including but not limited to additional audio cable designs. “I have been designing audio connectors for over 20 years, and so new connectors and adapters will be released under the XOX brand. Further to our desire to diversify, we are also in the process of developing, co-developing, and negotiating OEM arrangements for some exciting future products – stay tuned!”
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