HIGHRESAUDIO now offers its clients a unique feature, called „VirtualVault“, that allows the customer to stream his purchased music directly from his personal vault (music library / digital locker) vityuam_vault_highresaudiofrom HIGHRESAUDIO. It works with any mobile devices (Smartphone / Tablet PC), desktop web browser and / or via the web browser in the car to stream music while you drive. Even the wireless transmission via Bluetooth to any devices is ensured. It is also works for wireless multi-room solutions.
As streaming technology HIGHRESAUDIO is the first company to bring Adaptive Audio Streaming (HLS / HTTP) to market. Depending upon the available network bandwidth, the best possible sound-quality is dynamically scaled and delivered to the listener and that up to CD quality!
  • HTML5 Audio Player Software
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Convenient access to your purchased and own music library
  • Compatible with all Web browsers
  • No App and no installation necessary
  • Compatible with all stationary and mobile operating systems
VirtualVault feature:
  • Elegant and fast performance
  • Compatible with any web browser
  • Access your personal music library
  • Create and save personal named playlists
  • Lossy quality: 2G, 3G
  • HiFi quality: 4G, LTE
  • HiFi quality: WiFi and WiFi
  • iOS, Android, MacOS, WIN
“We like to offer our customers an all-around attractive high-grade music service for at home or On-The-Go. Our personal music streaming service, offers our customers a simple to use, innovative and user-friendly access to their music anywhere they want to listen to it.“ “After all, your favorite music this the one, that you own and love the most.“ Lothar Kerestedjian (CEO HIGHRESAUDIO)
VirtualVault is now available to all HRA customers free-of-charge via their Mobile Homepage
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