HIGHRESAUDIO is launching its own highresolution 24-bit subscription streaming service in April 2018. HRAStreaming is aimed at the music-loving music connoisseur, HiFi enthusiast and customers that appreciated a high-quality sound reproduction. For the past eight years, HIGHRESAUDIO has been able to archive and make available for downloading an impressive music catalogue of very high quality and selected new recordings and analogue-to-digital remasters. 

HIGHRESAUDIO’s has a strict quality control program and the company’s long-term philosophy in to offer only the native, purest, true original source and best sounding repertoire. With more than 200,000 registered customers and an average of 64 new customers signing-in per day, HIGHRESAUDIO emerges from the niche into the mainstream, covering a broad target group of quality-conscious music listeners from age 27 to 77.

“I believe that there is a target group beyond the mainstream that values sound quality and wants to be served honestly and competently.” Said Lothar Kerestedjian, CEO HIGHRESAUDIO and continuing “Now, is the right time to offer our customers access to our complete archive via a subscription. HRA-Streaming is available as an annual subscription and allows access to currently 35,000 handpicked albums in the original and native sampling rate in the 24bit FLAC codec. On average, 100 new albums are added per week to the HIGHRESAUDIO archive, which are also included in the streaming subscription. Furthermore, the customer receives curated and thematic playlists. Playlists today are the form in which we most like to hear our music. Creating good playlists is an art in itself, so we do not leave it to chance. It is important to us that our customers have access to carefully and competently compiled playlists. This is why renowned music journalists, editors and musicians create new playlists every week.”

HRA-Streaming by subscription:

  • 7 days free trial
  • HRA-Streaming: Special price: 179,99 GBP / 199,99 EUR (12 months) or
  • HRA-Streaming + Downloads: 229,99 GBP / 249,99 EUR Streaming

+ Downloads (12 months)

With the Download option in the streaming subscription, the customer buys Downloads at a permanent discount of 30%.

HRA-Streaming is initially available in the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Croatia, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Norway, Switzerland.

The customer receives with his HRA-Streaming subscription a HIGHRESAUDIO desktop app for Windows and / or Apple OSX. To be used via USB from his computer to the DAC to the stereo system. The desktop app for Windows and Apple OSX was developed in cooperation with the Berlin based audio specialist digitalklang. digitalklang is also developing the HRA-Streaming apps for iOS and Android, which will be available to subscribers free of charge for mobile use throughout the year.

“Pure will, determination and passion have moved me to develop the perfect source for the purest and pristine sound experience at home. Future-oriented technologies and developments are now paving the way for HRA-Streaming to offer an editorially managed and high-resolution music streaming service at a very attractive price point. ” said Lothar Kerestedjian.

The partnership with airable provides access to HRA-Streaming through Arcam products, Cambridge Audio, Cocktail Audio, AudioNet, T+A, Simaudio, AVM, Cyrus, CH Precision, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson, Panasonic, Quadral, Yamaha, Primare, Revox, Russound, TechniSat, TeleStar and Lindemann Audio. The airable platform partners include Audivo, Frontier Silicon, engineeRed, StreamUnlimited, Quantek TW, SkiDeev and Shenzen Ulysee. The airable.API includes HRA-Streaming and VirtualVault. Newly added manufacturers are regularly listed on the homepage.

HIGH-END in Munich with Audio Physic & x-odos:

HIGHRESAUDIO is a guest at Audio Physic & x-odos at the HIGH-END in Munich and presents several times a day HRA-Streaming on the network streamers and audio servers of x-odos. x-odos offers the allround customer-friendly package with integrated HRA homepage, HRA Download Manager, HRA-Streaming and VirtualVault. We present the HRA-Streaming desktop App for Windows and Apple OSX among other partners and manufacturers at the HIGH-END show in May.


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