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Illuminarium Experiences is a global experiential entertainment company creating the next generation in immersive venues which has opened its first Illuminarium in Atlanta this month.

llluminarium has entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Berlin based HOLOPLOT, a manufacturer of 3D audio technology who we featured in our news back in May.

HOLOPLOT 3D Audio At Illuminarium Atlanta

HOLOPLOT 3D Audio At Illuminarium Atlanta


The two-room Illuminarium Atlanta venue is configured with a 360° immersive HOLOPLOT X1 system, consisting of 52 Modul 96 and 7 Modul 80-S. The installation complements the visual projections and, together with the in-floor haptics, engages the audience in completely new ways by placing them “inside” the narrative.

HOLOPLOT 3D Audio At Illuminarium Atlanta

Illuminarium Atlanta

“Illuminarium brings the best and most realistic immersive audiovisual experiences possible. We took our team to experience firsthand the HOLOPLOT X1 Matrix Array and were completely sold on it by its incredible performance, flexibility, and unique beamforming capabilities. The result sounds just magnificent and allows us to achieve experiences that conventional technologies couldn’t support. Guests who experience the power of Illuminarium’s audio system will truly feel and be surrounded by our content. The integration of HOLOPLOT technology delivers a harmony of unprecedented realistic experience for our venues and allows us to continue to democratize the world’s most extraordinary experiences”.  Brian Allen (Executive Vice President of Technology & Content).

HOLOPLOT 3D Audio At Illuminarium Atlanta

The Illuminarium “Spacewalk” experience

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