HOLOPLOT is a Berlin-based hardware and software manufacturer of 3D professional audio technology. Whilst not being home Hifi products their patented technologies have the potential for crossover into home audio and of course home cinema and AV applications.

The HOLOPLOT X1 Matrix Array range of products includes the X1 Modul 96 full-range and the X1 Modul 80-S loudspeaker and sub. The HOLOPLOT X1 is specifically built for high performance applications, in areas such as large conferences, concerts, venues, theme parks and immersive installations.

The German brand has spent the last ten years developing some very interesting technology that allows for precise sound control, over large distances, optimising the listening experience for every individual audience member and eliminating the traditional ‘sweet spot’. HOLOPLOT’s patented technology Audio-Beamforming and Wavefield Synthesis is designed to steer sound beams (vertically and horizontally) directly to the listener’s precise location.

HOLOPLOT X1 Matrix Array Loudspeakers

The HOLOPLOT XI MD805 Loudspeaker and Subwoofer


Using its proprietary 3D Beamforming technology, HOLOPLOT say that their products are able to ‘form’ sound in a similar way to light, enabling users to flexibly adjust the direction and size of the sound field, create multiple audio zones and play different content at the same time, all from the same loudspeaker array.


HOLOPLOT’s wavefield synthesis technology enables sound designers to recreate audio objects authentically, as if the original object was standing in front of the listener, and move them in real-time throughout space, with the precision of targeting the ear of an individual. The sound object is no longer limited to the position of the speaker, it comes alive in a 3-Dimensional room delivering a tangible experience., which is something we are constantly searching for in our home system set ups. Imagine sitting in the audience and suddenly the performer is whispering in your ear, and yours alone.

HOLOPLOT X1 Matrix Array Loudspeakers

HOLOPLOT MD96 Loudspeaker


HOLOPLOT says that the possibilities are limitless with the X1 offering a high level of directivity control, with applications such as performing arts venues, arenas, immersive spaces, theme parks  and conference or event halls, allowing for personalised sound fields, multi language presentation or simply the best concert sound for the whole audience. It will be interesting to see if the home audio industry embraces these technologies in the same way that they have those such as Dolby Atmos.


The loudspeaker modules have up to 96 individually amplified drivers including 80 silk dome tweeters per cabinet. It is a complete smart system based on advanced software, combined with IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities and Cloud connectivity functions.

Roman Sick, CEO says “The HOLOPLOT X1 Matrix Array is a paradigm shift in the audio industry. It enables re-thinking and letting go of old patterns, thereby opening the door to a completely new world of possibilities and creating unprecedented audio experiences. With X1 we are deliberately targeting the most ambitious and most demanding segments of the market, those with high SPL and equally high audio quality standards. Our new audio modules, the MD96 and MD80-S, are two radically new product concepts and represent a best-in-class approach for those who are seeking next-level audio performance.”

HOLOPLOT X1 Matrix Array Loudspeakers

HOLOPLOT X1 Matrix Array Loudspeakers with grilles


The HOLOPLOT X1 Modul 96 and the X1 Modul 80-S are manufactured in Berlin.

Prices on request.

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