The Stereo 845 features four matched 845 valves, two 6SL7 first stage valves, two 6SN7 output driver valves icon845stereoand a GZ34 driver stage rectifier. The four 845s can be user-calibrated using Icon Audio’s built-in ‘easy bias’ meter and deliver a rated continuous output of 40 watts per channel.

While Icon’s MB845 monoblocks achieve around a 100-watt output from a push-pull pair of 845s, in the Stereo 845 they have deliberately allowed the valves to operate in a much more relaxed manner, being only pushed to produce 40 watts. “Forty watts is ample power to obtain a high volume in most situations,” says David Shaw, Icon Audio’s founder and designer of the new Stereo 845. “Surprisingly, the difference in maximum volume capability between a 100-watt and a 40-watt amp is only 3.9db”.

“You could say that this amplifier has been twelve years in the making,” says David Shaw, “as we’ve drawn on all our experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing it. The 845 is a superb valve and in this amp, everything possible has been done to allow the 845 to work its magic.”

The Stereo 845 can be ordered as a ‘David Shaw Signature’ version featuring Jensen copper foil oil-in-paper capacitors and premium valves.

 ·         Pure Class A triode front end

·         Pure triode 845 push-pull output stage

·         The four 845s can be user-calibrated using Icon Audio’s built-in ‘Easy Bias’ meter

·         All hand wired point to point to optimise sound and reliability

·         Low distortion tertiary-wound output transformers, potted to reduce noise

·         Solen/SCR audiophile quality capacitors

·         Silver plated pure copper PTFE audio cable

·         Gold plated input and loudspeaker terminals

·         Four line inputs

·         Record loop

·         Remote control volume

·         Attractive Plexiglas® valve cover included

·         May also be used as a power amplifier

Price in the UK is £5999.95

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