The nano iOne from iFi is designed to be a convenient, high-quality digital audio ‘hub’

It is a DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) that is miniature in size yet big on features and performance. It can be used to boost sound from all manner of digital devices: smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, TVs, games consoles, media streamers and more. It offers wireless connectivity over Bluetooth, as well as USB and S/PDIF digital inputs.

The nano iOne can be connected to an integrated amp, preamp, headphone amp or active speakers via its RCA analogue outputs. (The equally dinky nano iCAN is ideal as a matching headphone amp.) It can also be used to add USB and Bluetooth connectivity to an existing DAC, thanks to its bit-perfect digital output.

Key features include :

  • 32-bit DAC, fully certified for hi-res audio – supports PCM/DXD up to 384kHz and DSD up to 12.4MHz
  • Bluetooth, asynchronous USB and S/PDIF (coaxial/optical) digital inputs; S/PDIF (coaxial) digital output; direct-coupled RCA analogue outputs
  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless streaming; supports aptX and AAC codecs over Bluetooth (AAC facilitates premium-quality Bluetooth streaming for iOS devices, which do not support aptX); 10m+ range (360 degrees, line of sight)
  • Zero Jitter Memory Buffer technology for all digital input signals – Bluetooth, S/PDIF and asynchronous USB
  • S/PDIF socket doubles as both coaxial and optical flavours of digital input, as well as a coaxial digital output, thus saving rear panel space
  • Galvanically isolated S/PDIF input/output with FET High Definition (FHD) circuitry on the input and dedicated re-clocker/line driver on the output
  • GMT (Global Master Timing) Femto precision clock system eliminates jitter by creating a new, stable clock de-linked from the source clock
  • Burr-Brown ‘True Native’ DAC chipset handles PCM and DSD natively – music signal stays in its original format throughout to maintain purity
  • Active Noise Cancellation for the power supply (via the USB socket) dramatically lowers the noise floor
  • Two digital filter options: ‘Listen’ and ‘Measure’
  • Powered via USB (5v USB power supply is included)

The iFi nano iOne is available now. RRP is £199 inc. VAT.






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