The iTube2 is a tubed output stage; tube preamp; tube buffer and an impedance-matching device. Put the iTube2 before a solid-state preamp with another iTube2 after it to create the effect of tubing the whole audio chain. Or simply use the iTube2 as a preamp by itself. The iTube2 with trickle-down technology from the flagship ‘Pro’ series has been redesigned with new parts and new circuitry. Only the GE5670 tube remains.

  1. Tube+® circuit for SET/Push-Pull/Classic tube amplifier signature
  2. 3D Holographic+® for Loudspeakers matrix system
  3. XBass+® for Loudspeakers matrix system


  • High-end Direct Tube Buffer/High-End Direct Pre-amplifier
  • Selectable tube sound signature (SET / Push-Pull / Classic)
  • All-new 3D Holographic+® for Loudspeakers matrix system
  • All-new XBass+® for Loudspeakers matrix system
  • Pure analogue volume control
  • Ultra-low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.009% (Tube+ off)
  • 0dB or 9dB selectable gain
  • Reference class parts quality from ELNA Silmic to C0G capacitors
  • iPower (15V) included, ‘quieter than battery’ power supply

iFi Audio’s Head of US Sales, Sean Fowler, says, “If you are looking to put back the natural, full bodied sound of tubes into your digital system, then the iTube2 is the right piece of kit for you.”

The retail price of the micro iTube2 is US$375 (ex-tax) or Euro450/£375 (incl. VAT).




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