Ifi say that “The nano iOne is the versatile, audio solution for the modern home, it allows the use of many different digital audio devices and input options in one complete unit”.

Via Bluetooth, S/PDIF or USB inputs, it “upgrades the listening experience with smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, gaming consoles, media streamers and more”.

The nano iOne improves on inbuilt DACs and it allows streaming across both Apple and Android, Mac and PC.


  • Bluetooth, S/PDIF, USB input
  • AAC codec allows native quality, direct Bluetooth wireless audio streaming from iTunes & Apple Music
  • aptX codec allows CD quality Bluetooth wireless audio streaming from suitably equipped Android devices, PCs and Mac computers
  • Galvanically-isolated S/PDIF output with dedicated re-clocker/line driver
  • ANC® noise suppression system for the power supply (drawn from USB)
  • GMT® Femto precision clock system
  • Asyncronous USB audio system with Zero Jitter® Memory Buffer
  • Zero Jitter® Memory Buffer technology for S/PDIF & Bluetooth
  • Galvanically-isolated S/PDIF input with FET High Definition (FHD) circuitry
  • Direct-Coupled analogue outputs via RCA

The retail price of the nano iOne is US$199 (ex-tax) or Euro 235/£199 (incl VAT).





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