Illusonic is a Switzerland-based audio research and development company. Founded in 2006 by Christof Faller (Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society). Illusonic has been developing and licensing innovative audio technologies. Its technologies power professional digital microphones, 5.1 surround microphones, cinema audio processors, and HD broadcast audio processors. In the consumer domain, Illusonic technologies are used in HD TVs, web and TV cams, telephones, tele/video conferencing systems, and devices for the hearing impaired.

Christof told us: “The venerable double-blind AB listening test is needed to evaluate audio systems, because a listener is heavily influenced by his other senses (visual, what he is told, etc.). This year at High End Munich show, Illusonic demonstrates audio quality with an honest focus on only sound: the audio equipment is hidden behind a sound transparent wall (STW). Just listen! Lust Enjoy! Be amazed what a compact, perfectly calibrated, audio system can deliver!”

Our various audio processor models (IAP 2, IAP 4, IAP 8, IAP 16) cover any imaginable application scenario, from audiophile 2-channel stereo, to active cross-overs, to subwoofers, to multi-channel and immersive audio, and multiroom systems. Illusonic’s service optimizes any of these scenarios in an unprecedented way”.

Find Illusonic in Atrium 4.2, Room 231B at the MOC






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