Induologue are Alexandra Lerta (vocals) and Vasilis Stefanopoulos (double bass) and is described as a dialogue between the voice and souble bass…simple enough then.

Blue Skies was recorded in a chapel in the woods of a Dutch National Reserve over a couple of days and this adds a really beautiful atmosphere to the record. The double bass’ tone is allowed to shine through and Vasalis’ playing is solid and forthright and yet sympathetic to Alexandra’s vocal, which in turn is understated yet strong.

Musically we have acoustic jazz here and whilst there are only ever the vocal and bass this pared down style is really addictive in its simplicity and honesty.

The recording and production on Blue skies is superb and Marijn Kooy at Snip records really should be applauded for having the foresight and guts to record in this space.

I’m certainly no jazz buff, but I’m sure many readers who buy this record will recognise a good number of the tunes in there and the way they are performed will certainly appeal to many I think.

You are drawn in by the straightforwardness of the recording and I defy you not to tap your feet along to the tunes, but what really appeals to me is the openness of the recording and the purity of the interplay between the two “instruments”.

Snip Records are relatively new, but you really should jump on the train now as they’re gonna be huge!

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