So, what do Kate Middleton and a High-End music on the go (or at home for that matter) streamer/player have in common? Hifi Pig visited London’s rather swanky Goring Hotel in Belgravia to find out at the launch of Chord Poly. 

“Well dear reader, the Goring Hotel in Belgravia is where Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, left from when she got spliced to Prince William back in 2011. It’s a wonderfully opulent hark to a time past, with the hotel declaring on its website that the venue is  “London’s last remaining family-owned luxury hotel. Crafted over a century by one family, The Goring is the genuine article – a grand hotel with impeccable manners and a subtle streak of wit and wonder.” And with this in mind what better place for Chord Electronics to formally announce the launch of its new Poly add on for the already highly successful Mojo headphone amp/DAC. Obvious really isn’t it, but we Hifi Pig were so happy to be invited along for the event.

As we arrived we were welcomed to the hotel by doormen in top hats and tails and shown to the beautifully luxurious sitting room where high level meetings were taking place with people, some of who we half recognised as being quite important politically. The atmosphere was that of being relaxed, but with undertones of power and influence…”

Read the full report here

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