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Hifi Pig caught up with Joe Jouhal, the founder and designer of the JoSound range of loudspeakers and Inès Adler, Joe and Ines at Munichhead of Voxativ, at the Munich High-End earlier this year. We’d been interested in Joe’s loudspeakers since we heard them at the Paris Show in September 2102 and so we thought we’d take the opportunity to ask a few questions about his designs, his philosophy on loudspeaker design, a bit about his background as well as the involvement of Voxativ.

The “interview” here is a combination of transcribing the recording we made during the interview, conducted in the evening after the show, and a series of follow up calls and e mails. We hope you enjoy this, the first, in an ongoing series of interviews with hifi industry.

Read the full interview with JoSound and Voxativ

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