Innuos is partnering with a number of brands for The Indulgence Show in London, read on for more info on who they are with and where you can find them.

Innuos recently launched an exclusive 100 units only Special Edition of its ZENith music server. Innuos told us: “With a new Triple-linear PSU designed by Sean Jacobs, custom-wound toroidal transformer and a raft of improvements on EMI shielding and vibration isolation, the ZENith SE picks up the trademark PRaT (Pace, Rhythm and Timing) and neutrality of the ZENith and adds more body to the music, improving the depth and height of the soundstage”.

The Innuos ZENith SE will be the centre-stage for Innuos demonstrations at Indulgence. Visitors will be able to experience how it can improve sound quality when used as source in very high end systems”.

Cremant Room • 1st Floor You will be able to witness the difference a ZENith SE can make when connected to a top of the class headphone setup: Chord Blu2 + Chord DAVE with HiFiMAN HE1000 V2, all powered by Sarum-T Chord Cables. A ZENmini and a ZENith SE will be connected to the same headphone system and visitors will be able to switch between models

Room 24 • 3r d Floor The ZENith SE will be put to the test against the ZENith itself. Both connected to another top of the class setup: Goldmund Prologos active speakers, Goldmund Mimesis 11 Pre amp, Chord Sarum-T Cables, Quadraspire X Reference Rack in a room treated with Artnovion acoustic panels.

Partner stands: ZENmini KEF  Foyer • 1st Floor The Chord Company  Foyer • 1st Floor

Partner rooms: ZENith SE The Chord Company  B5 Sancerre room • Mezzanine Floor Ultimate Stream D1 – St Julien room • 2nd Floor ZENith KEF  Reims room • 1st Floor, Renaissance Audio  Room 33 • 3rd Floor


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