iota-audio-design will be showing a series of new products for the first time alongside some existing items at this years North West Audio Show.

Full list below :

– The revised version of their iota QT turntable, with the brand new Satori “B” tonearm and VRS vinyl record stabiliser, and the MFP 1 psu.

– iota Median Balanced Phono Stage (in Rev II 2016 form).

– A brand new turntable and tonearm : the iota jot S-P turntable, Satori II tonearm, VRS vinyl record stabiliser, and MFP 1 psu.

– iota Signature Reference Balanced Phono Stage (in Rev II 2016 form).

– Brand new solid state pre & power amps : the iota lagom preamp, and iota erő 50 mono-block amps.

– Q 12 Speaker cable

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