British brand, iota audio design, has updated their turntable lineup for 2021 with new iota Jot and iota QT turntables.


The iota Jot turntable is now available in two different forms, both are designed for use with any standard Rega geometry tonearms, including the iota tonearm designs. The two updated and improved iota Jot turntable models are the iota Jot-Quantum, with the new Quantum platter, and the revised iota Jot S-P.


The iota Jot-Quantum shares its modular chassis configuration with the original Jot S-P but with a more conventional Quantum platter and other internal changes resulting in a significantly reduced price. Other features of this new model include a diamond polished granite base board and bonded aluminium feet locators plus iota’s MFP1 PSU, and VRS vinyl record stabiliser. The tonearm is not included in the basic price.

Iota jot and iota QT turntables

The new iota Jot Quantum turntable

The Quantum platter is a development of iota’s MLM principal of platter design which uses laminations of different materials, and specific polymer damping and bonding agents, to achieve an inert platter structure. The new Quantum platter has increased mass and is faced with a fixed & bonded cork-Nitrile rubber composite, and around its circumference with ribbed external vibration control bands.

The Jot-Quantum now has an elevated arm board and sub platter. This assembly is constructed from Polyoxymethylene (POM), also known as Acetal, with bonded carbon fibre and polymer damping materials used in its construction: it is topped by a brass record spindle boss. The turntable belt is a Silicon-Nitrile compound.


The iota Jot S-P turntable continues to be available but is now supplied on a “special order” basis. It remains at the current price despite embracing a number of improvements, including a new interface mat, the iota Black Mat, and the sub platter that supports the spindle platter which is now significantly enhanced in both mass, and size.

Iota jot and iota QT turntables

The new iota Jot SP turntable

The arm board module of the iota Jot S-P is also enhanced and elevated with a POM mounting spacer that provides enhanced tonearm isolation. The turntable is supplied with a diamond polished granite base board and with fixed aluminium “feet locators” on its top surface and the iota V-R-S vinyl record stabiliser and MFP1 PSU.


The iota QT Minima is a new entry level free-standing turntable design (without a base board), and it stands on three feet machined from Acetal and with height adjustable anti slip pads. The QT-Minima is supplied with a simplified low profile iota MFP 0.5 mains filter supply. The iota QT Minima turntable is available with a choice of two different platters, either the iota Prima platter, or a 15mm acrylic platter and  both versions also include a new SD clamp (100gram) machined from Acetal.

Iota jot and iota QT turntables

The new iota QT Minima entry level turntable


The iota QT-Quantum represents the fourth version of this model, and as its name suggests, it now includes the new higher mass Quantum platter as supplied with the new iota Jot-Quantum. Also included with this turntable is the iota V-R-S vinyl record stabiliser and the iota MFP1 mains filter power supply.

Iota jot and iota QT turntables

The new iota QT Quantum turntable

All versions of the QT are available with a number of arm board options, for various tonearms with different mounts and geometry, i.e. Rega, Linn, and SME, plus custom cut and blank.


iota QT Minima turntable £995

iota Jot Quantum turntable £1,695

iota QT Quantum turntable £1,895

iota Jot S-P  “Spindle Platter” turntable £2,295

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