The MiniSub Chroma is a single box solution for conditioning an entire AV system. It incorporates many of the technologiesfeatured in the SubStation range, with help from the VMC1080 video conditioner, at a much more affordable price.

There are six outlets with a total combined continuous capacity of 10 Amps. One is for video displays of all types. Three are for source components, each have individual Transmodal filters to combat noise cross contamination within your system. These attenuate both common and differential mode noise without dumping it to ground. Two high power outlets are cleaned by a low dynamic impedance, high current filter optimised for amplifiers.

Components include Evox capacitors, OFC Mundorf inductors, silver plated PTFE insulated wiring and custom ISOL-8 chokes.

£995.00        ms_chroma_detail_1_mr


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