IsoTek were launching several new products at the High End Show including the Gemini, Syncro Uni and the Evo3 Nova. Due to another appointment we couldn’t spend too much time at the launch but were very well looked after by Fi Hobden and her team, who even provided us with vegan canapés…much appreciated after a long day walking many miles around the show.

The EVO3 Gemini is a mains conditioning block that benefits from the same filter network as the EVO3 Polaris, reconfigured to feature just two output sockets rated at 10A. The EVO3 Gemini has a delta filter topology ensuring filtration of both Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise, delivering power to two outlets, each one independently isolated to prevent cross-contamination of mains noise created by connected electronics. 13,500Amps of instantaneous protection is provided, safeguarding valuable equipment via IsoTek’s sequential and repeatable protection system. Priced at £249.00 / €295.00 / $345.00, EVO3 Gemini will be available from July 2018.

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