French High End electronics brand, Jadis, have released their new JS1 MKV and JS2 MKIV DACs, (the JS1 MkV is pictured, with its separate power supply unit). A full complement of valves combines with digital technology to make, say Jadis, “the perfect high-end DACs for people who listen to digital music but crave the captivating tonality and flow of pure analogue sound”.

They were originally due for their official launch at High End Munich 2020.


The JS1 MKV version uses an AKM 4497 converter (one per channel) as mono architecture, controlled by a data processing management microcontroller. The valve digital to analogue converter has a separate power supply.

Inputs: SPDIF on RCA connector ­ PCM 24 bits/ 192KHz.  AES/EBU on XLR connector ­ PCM : 24 bits/ 192KHz. ­ Optical SPDIF on TOSLINK ­ PCM : 24 bits/ 192KHz. USB on B type connector ­ PCM : 24 bits/ 192KHz – DSD : 24 Bits/ 384 KHz.

Outputs: Unbalanced on RCA connectors and full balanced on XLR connectors

Tubes 2 x ECC82, 2 x ECC88, 1x EL84, 1 x EF86

Dimensions 45.5×32.5×12.5cm each

Weight 30Kg


The new JS2 is equipped with AKM DAC chips.


UK RRP: JS1 MkV £16,998; JS2 MkIV £7,998, through distributor Absolute Sounds

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