JCAT was founded by Marcin Ostapowicz a pioneer of computer audio and co-creator of JPLAY audio software.

Signature USB Cable

The Signature USB Cable is the flagship USB cable from JCAT. It is handcrafted using the mix of silver & gold alloy with silver copper conductors in a special geometry. The price for 1m cable is 900€.

USB+LAN Ground Conditioner

JCAT say that this new cable is: “A revolutionary improvement for any USB or network digital source. Improves sound & image quality by reducing computer induced noise”. Connect the USB Type A lead of the cable to any USB port, the RJ45 lead to any Ethernet port in your music server and the AC plug to a wall socket . The cable is made using high purity OCC copper multi-strand wire with advanced shielding. Available with EU Schuko, US and UK AC connectors. The price for 1.3m length is 500€.



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