New Born City is the follow up to McCullagh’s 2013 North South Divide record and has been out in the UK since early May. The record is produced by John Power (Cast) and includes the singles Towerland Lullaby, Box Of Tricks and She’s Calling.

McCullagh says he influences include Donovan, Bolan, Weller and Johnny Cash and he has been playing guitar and harmonica since he was twelve…he’s still a youngen.

You can hear his influences laid bare in the tunes, but McCullagh’s music isn’t derivative, though it is familiar in the same way Oasis’ tunes always were…you get a sort of “do I know this tune” kind of feeling.

There’s a nod to The Byrds and a bit of a sixties feel to the whole of New Born City with jingle jangle guitars, catchy hooks and harmonica aplenty… Patterns is pure Dylan.

This to me is what good pop music is missing; proper songs, played and sung well and with passion and it would be a shame if a talent such as McCullaghs was to be watered down to fit in with the corporate pish that seems to pass for chart music these days.

Given his relative youth, McCullagh has a maturity in the way his music comes across and New Born City is a bit of a breath of fresh air.


Stuart Smith

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