I really enjoyed the last Kaito offering, Until The End Of Time which came out in October on the Kompakt label calling it thoughtful and thought provoking and indeed this record could be summed up similarly – in fact it’s the same tunes bereft of their drum tracks.

Essentially it’s an ambient album that has a real dreamy, ethereal and trippy feel to it. Musically it is  grown up electronica which is both alien and recognisable, organic and yet synthetic. It’s not challenging music in any way and you’ll find yourself happy to close your eyes and drift with the exquisiteness of the delicate music that builds on repetitive themes adding new textures and new themes that have the effect of carrying you in different directions of thought and feeling.

For the Sunday morning come-down brigade this is in many ways the perfect record to sooth the twisted mind and allow bodies to readjust to normality after the weekends excesses.

A record for the psychonauts and inner-space cowboys but also clever enough to have much broader appeal I think  – perhaps folk who enjoy gentler classical music would do well to give this a listen. Out now on Kompakt and limited to 500 copies on vinyl.

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