KEF has introduced the Mu3 Noise Cancelling True Wireless earphones. Designed by Ross Lovegrove and engineered by KEF’s UK acoustic team.

2021 sees KEF celebrating 60 years of audio technology.


KEF Mu3 Earphones

The audio performance of Mu3 earphones benefits from KEF’s specially tuned Active Noise Cancellation technology. It enables the Mu3 to eliminate external noise without affecting the details.

Each of the Mu3s’ sculptural enclosures contains an 8.2mm full-range dynamic driver, tuned by KEF’s engineering team to deliver a dynamic and well balanced, coherent sound.

KEF Mu3 IEMs have different sized tips for a secure fit

Design By Ross Lovegrove

KEF has once again collaborated with Ross Lovegrove, the designer behind the MUON loudspeaker and the MUO Bluetooth speaker. Renowned for his innovative approach and flowing, sculptural forms, Ross Lovegrove brings a new dimension to sound. Through design that embraces both beauty and technological ingenuity, Lovegrove’s ongoing collaboration with KEF is an exercise in “aesthetic and engineering excellence”.

Compact, Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of the new Mu3 ensures the listener has a comfortable audio experience. The Mu3s are balanced in the ears by smart weighting, which stops them from falling out. They are available with a choice of four subtly different sized ear tips to give the most tailored fit for your ears, while also providing the perfect seal for noise isolation and to keep them securely in place.

The Mu3 relieves the listener from the hassle of wires due to stable, latency-free Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The audio performance is further enhanced by the introduction of simultaneous transmission, where both earphones receive a signal at the same time, rather than the more common approach where audio is sent to one earpiece and relayed to the other, therefore running the risk of latency. Mu3 are simple to connect and stable on both iOS and Android devices.

KEF Mu3 have an ergonomic design

Ambient Mode

After the simple setup, automatic pairing makes listening to the Mu3 an easy experience. The Mu3 earphones also boast ‘Ambient Mode’, where at the touch of a button Active Noise Cancellation is disengaged, and instead the audio picked up on the microphones is played through the earphones, bypassing passive noise reduction and providing you with instant clarity on what is going on around you.

The Mu3 also has high-capacity, quick-charge batteries to ensure they last for a full day’s listening even with Bluetooth and Noise Cancellation engaged. Importantly your headphones will remain safe if you get caught out in the rain thanks to their splash-proof design.


£199 per pair

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