KEF has announced a new in-wall architectural loudspeaker, the Ci5160REF-THX.

The Ci5160REF-THX is part of KEF’s Reference family of speakers and, like all of the range, the Ci5160REF comes with the Reference Build Certificate signed by the craftsman who built it. The new speaker also meets KEF’s ‘Extreme Theatre’ standard, as well as having THX Ultra certification.

At the heart of the Ci5160REF-THX is the 11th generation of the KEF’s signature Uni-Q point source driver array. With a 25mm vented aluminium dome tweeter situated at the exact acoustic centre of a 125mm midrange driver. The Ci5160REF-THX also utilises a bespoke Reference 160mm bass driver, optimised for use in-wall. KEF’s engineers computer-modelled the ideal crossover networks before auditioning every component to select those with the lowest distortion and the smoothest response. In addition, the high-frequency and lowfrequency crossovers are mounted on separate boards to minimise crosstalk.

Taken together, KEF say these innovations offer a “completely new level of freedom and flexibility for systems installers seeking top-of-the-line architectural speaker solutions capable of delivering the best possible sound quality”.

Suggested Retail Price: £7,500


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