roksponsmallKEF has announced the LS50 Wireless, a completely active, digital and wireless lifestyle audio system consisting of two speakers whose connection to your music source is completely wireless. Designed in honour of the 55th anniversary of KEF, the LS50 Wireless is closely based on the design of KEF’s LS50 loudspeakers.


KEF told us, “All the outstanding acoustic features of the original LS50s are retained. The cabinet, Uni-Q driver, port and cabinet bracing are all the same as in the award – winning original design. KEF’s world-renowned Uni-Q driver technology places the tweeter in the exact acoustic centre of the bass/midrange cone, so that both act as a single point source that disperses the sound more evenly throughout the room than any rival speaker. To these original elements we have added a host of state of the art technologies that allow LS50 – level audio quality within a sleek, 21st century lifestyle product”.

The LS50 Wireless also features 2 x 230 watt amplification in a bi-amp dual mono configuration and a time correcting DSP crosssover. The system uses 92kHz/24-bit high resolution digital signal path and a dedicated DAC for each channel. It features a variety both wireless and more traditional wired connections.

Available in Titanium grey/Red, Gloss Black/Blue, and Gloss White/Copper finishes.

Availability: November 2016

Price: £2000


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