KEF has announced the expansion of its R Series speaker range with the R50 Dolby Atmos KEF_dolby_atmosenabled speaker module, which has been specifically designed to deliver multi-dimensional sound with Dolby Atmos.

The R50 incorporates KEF’s full-range Uni-Q® driver array, featuring a 25mm (1-in.) aluminium vented-tweeter and ‘tangerine waveguide’, positioned at the acoustic centre of a rigid magnesium/aluminium 130mm (5.25-in.) bass/mid driver – essentially the drivers all operate as a single integrated voice.

The Uni-Q driver array also features the z-flex surround, which KEF say can smooth the tweeter transition to the front baffle, resulting in undistorted high frequencies.

The wedged shape cabinet design of the R50 has been configured to angle the Uni-Q driver array up at the ceiling for the projection and beaming of sound effects, so that it is reflected by the ceiling to accurately deliver a Dolby Atmos sound experience above the listener, “producing a multi-dimensional sound experience that brings entertainment alive all around the audience”.

With its clean looks and deep piano black gloss finish, the R50 can be positioned on top of existing floor-standing or bookshelf AV speakers and is not only suitable for KEF’s R Series and The Reference Series Dolby Atmos configurations but any Dolby Atmos system where a Dolby Atmos enabled speaker is required.

Along with the R50 Dolby Atmos enabled speaker, KEF also offer a range of custom installation, in-ceiling speakers including the Ci160QR, Ci200QR and THX Ultra-2 certified, Ci200RR-THX models. These serve to maximise the potential configuration possibilities of the new Dolby Atmos multi-dimensional sound experience and suit those that have the ability to install overhead speakers in the ceiling.

Price: SRP £600.00 per pair available early November 2014


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